Creative events and classes for grown-ups! 


adults can have fun too!

Creative Pursuits with Michelle Summers

"Acting creatively is a natural part of being human and is definitively linked to mental and emotional well-being. Learning new skills, being curious, practicing acts of creative play and spontaneity is what keeps our minds engaged and spirits enriched. I want to teach art to people of all ages and skill levels to help them find their creative interests and voice. Art was the outlet that helped me emotionally heal and discover myself but also led me to spaces and people who would change my life.

Art is a powerful way of connecting to others and the community at large, the Holter Museum offers a wonderful space for these opportunities. I look forward to teaching and guiding people to new ways of approaching art and self-expression.

Michelle Summers is a professional artist residing in Helena and currently the Holter Museums first resident artist. She is excited to orchestrate a series of classes focused on encouraging creative play and spontaneity.