Current Exhibitions: 

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Vantage point :

Maggy Rozycki Hiltner

on view: January 18th - April 12th

Artist talk: March 2nd :10 am

Embroidery workshop : March 2nd 1 pm - 4 pm

Rozycki Hiltner is a full-time artist living with her husband and two daughters in Red Lodge, Montana. Her work has been included in numerous national and international exhibitions in museums and galleries, and has been published in the US and abroad. More info on Vantage Point

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Looney Toones

James Todd

On view January 18th - April 12th

James Todd’s mother paid him a visit bearing a collection of drawings he had made between the ages of five and eight. He had not seen the drawings in over 50 years. The fluid lines of his pencil drawings of American GI’s returning from the war in Europe, knights in armor, and a visit to the dentist greeted the artist across decades and a lifetime of experience.In this exhibition,Todd has reinterpreted his childhood drawings through woodcut printing, the medium for which he is perhaps best known today.

Across the Divide_Michelle Osman_16MileRoad.jpg

Across The Divide

on View January 18th - April 12th

This exhibition highlights art faculty from University of Montana and Montana State University. Please join us in celebrating these talented artists & educators!

Included Artists:

Trey Hill, Elizabeth Dove, Julia Galloway, Jennifer Combe, MaryAnn Bonjorni,Kevin Bell, Brad Allen, Cathryn Mallory, Meta Newhouse, Gesine Janzen, Bryan Petersen, Ashley Fuchs, Jade Lowder, Michelle Osman, Sara Mast, Josh DeWeese, Jim Zimpel, Ella Watson, Vaughan Judge, Jeffery Conger, Jeremy Hatch, Matt Hamon, Dean Adams, Rollin Beamish.


Spectacles, Tophats & Ties David Driesbach

David Driesbach has been an exhibiting artist since 1949 and an educator from 1952 to 1991. He has studied with Mauricio Lasansky and Stanley William Hayter. He has exhibited in over 250 solo exhibitions and a very large number of national and international juried and invitational exhibitions and workshops.

David has a lifetime of artistic endeavors and is well respected as an educator who instilled strong artistic commitments in a large impressive group of students. He is an internationally known expert and innovator in the printmaking field who helped to create technical advances in color viscosity printing.

“I have always admired the prints and drawings of Picasso, Chagall, and Ernst. In artists like Albrect Durer and the Northern Renaissance painters like Van Eyck, Bouts, and Bosch I am fascinated by their microscoptic detail. I am compelled by the brutish naivety of much Medieval Art-their architecture, illuminated manuscripts and iconography. Being primarily a printmaker, technique has always been my obsession.” - DD