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Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate showcases the diverse work of 46 artists who transformed thousands of anti-Semitic and racist books into uplifting and dynamic works of art. The exhibition sponsored by the Montana Human Rights Network opens Oct. 5 at the Holter Museum of Art with a reception from 5 to 8 pm. It runs through Dec. 30, 2018. In conjunction with this thought-provoking exhibition, everyone is welcome to participate in programs offered by Helena organizations including the Lewis and Clark Library, YWCA, Plymouth Congregational Church, and Big Sky Unitarian Universalists.

On view in the Baucus and Millikan Gallery

October 5 - December 30

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Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate (installation view)

In the foreground: Wendy Maruyama’s “Tag Project” Each Column represents a Japanese interment camp. Each tag represents a Japanese American who was incarcerated during WWII.

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Unlimited Photographs by Nicole Keintz

On view in the Nicholson Gallery

Nov. 2nd - Dec. 31st

“Seeing is believing. Or more accurately, believing is seeing. I believe in miracles and I see the divine beauty in everything. I am drawn to the light. I love to work with bright, vivid colors because there has been too much darkness in my life. I choose to direct my energy toward gratitude and capturing the cheerful celebration of each new day. Soft blurry photos make sense to me. Maybe because my vision often becomes soft and blurry? It's a refreshing departure from an often harsh reality. There is a hint of a landscape, something recognizable to anchor the view, but unlike anything we have ever seen before. An ethereal dreamscape. Distinctions between earth and sky bend and flow together, weaving a passionate story between dark and light. The subject is not clearly defined. it is an exploration of light and color, and an expression of emotion. I hope the viewer will spend a little time with each image. Let it speak to you and develop within your mind and heart. I endeavor to capture what cannot be seen, only felt.”