Current Exhibitions: 

Archie Bray Foundation:

2nd Year Resident exhibition 

Join us for The Archie Bray Foundation 2nd Year Resident exhibition. May 25th- July 13th. Opening Reception: June 1st 6pm-8pm


En Iwamura 

En Iwamura describes his work as “two-dimensional clay doodling”. Incorporating layers of drawing, his hand-built ceramic sculptures draw inspiration from both American and Japanese historical and pop-cultural references along with his own life experiences. 

Ling 1.jpeg

Ling Chun

Ling Chun has a drive, a lust and a greed for color. She describes her ceramic forms as “playgrounds for glaze”, and she likes to challenge the rules and roles of ceramics as a material by disassociating the material from its stereotypical or culturally accepted uses


Myungjin Kim

Myungjin (MJ) Kim blends the real and surreal in her drawings and paintings on porcelain forms. She creates narratives that run parallel to and address the complexity of the human experience. Working instinctively and drawing inspiration from European still-life paintings, she frequently uses human and animal figures as well as the birdcage, bird nest, terrarium and perfume jar in her forms and imagery


Noah Riedel

In making his functional pottery, Noah Riedel’s approach is more that of a designer than of an aesthetician. He values beauty in equal measure with any other element of design, but seeks a beauty that is spare in nature.


Nicholas Danielson

Nicholas Danielson creates objects that present food, offer conversations, invite touch and enrich space. His work grows from a deep love for historical communal wares and is inspired by their humility and unapologetic functionality. 

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Beau theige's guitars

May 25 - July 5

Opening reception: June 1st 6pm-8pm

Live Music by Brett Mondie

11 Chapel of the Dove Wilma Theater.JPG

Montana PeeP Show Stories

by Leslie Van Stavern Millar II

On View in the Sherman Gallery

May 25 - August 1st



Jack Metcalf: Either OR

On view in the Baucus Gallery 

April 20 - June 28

Opening Reception: May 4 5pm-8pm

Artist Talk: May 5  11am