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Mead and Read

Mead tasting paired with reading

After of course busting into the Giant Suttungr's place, sleeping with some giant ladies, and causing a scene in true Nordic, fashion...

Odin, always cunning, disguised his self as an eagle and stole mead from the giant, Suttungr. While being chased in flight Odin puked and shat this mythological substance on to man. 

Whosoever drinks mead is destine to  becomes a scholar, a poet, a divine philosopher. Able to solve any riddle put before them. That is unless they drink his excrement, then man is destain to have nothing but divine dung forever.  

Mead, the wine of the gods has a rich, fascinating history, filled with mythology, fact, and chemistry. Come sip this divine wine and learn all about its rich background, in the special HoHo Holiday event.  

Brewers welcome to join and bring your selections to this event. Contact Jules at for more info. 



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