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For Schools & Educators


At the Walton Arts Center’s 25th annual Arts with Education Institute, teachers learn to incorporate the arts in subjects as diverse as history and math



Kennedy Center‘s ArtsEdge -- Preeminent source for arts-integration information.

Arts Integration: Resource Round-Up -- Edutopia website listing resources to get you started.

Kennedy Center’s ArtsEdge Lesson Collection -- Art-integrated lessons ranging from elementary to high school.

Education Closet -- Arts integration resource firm. Provides online PDs and STEAM conference.


Project Planning Checklist (Source: School 21 retrieved from Edutopia)

Curriculum Mapping (Source: Bates Middle School retrieved from Edutopia)

Student Reflection (Source: Bates Middle School retrieved from Edutopia)

Teacher Reflection (Source: Bates Middle School retrieved from Edutopia)

Other Resources:

Drama Games

Teaching Tableau

Theater Connections


Attention Teachers: The Holter Musuem has transportation dollars thanks to the Helena Dragon Project!!

Here's how it works...
Call to make sure funds are still available
Call 442-6400 x108 to schedule your Museum visit
Schedule your bus through your school
Send the Holter the invoice for your bus expense and we will pay the bus company.
Send Invoices to:  Holter Museum Education
                           12 E Lawrence
                           Helena, MT   59601

Or  email the invoice to sondra@holtermuseum.org

We have different types of tours.  click here to view our different tour choices

When to Schedule

  • Reservations should be made at least a week in advance.
  • If you are visiting the museum with a school group but do not plan on taking a guided tour, please make a reservation.
  • Our school tour reservation office is open Monday–Sunday, 10 am–5 pm.

How to Schedule

  • First, review tour options to choose a field trip type then determine possible dates, and times before calling to make a reservation.
  • Ensure that transportation is available for any possible dates before calling.
  • To make a reservation, call 406-442-6400.

How to Prepare for Your Field Trip

  • You will receive an e-mail confirmation letter/invoice, with information about bus drop off location.
  • Look for Art of Chaperoning and Museum Manners in English and Spanish with your e-mail confirmation. To help ensure a quality experience for everyone please share this with teachers and chaperones BEFORE coming to the museum.
  • If your tour is guided, one of the tour guides will call three to five days before your visit to confirm details about your tour(s).
  • Find lesson plans and resources related to your tour on this web page

Payment & What to Do When You Arrive

  • Payment is due upon arrival. Please collect the money ahead and pay for the whole group in one payment (credit card, check, or cash).
  • Arrive 10 minutes before the start time.
  • You will enter through the Cruse Avenue/School entrance
  • We have cubbies for coats.


Lunches, Photography, Sketching, etc.

  • You may take pictures of objects that belong to the museum. No flash is permitted.
  • You can sketch in most areas of the museum. You must use black graphite pencil and clipboards.
  •  All of our programs are available for all students. Please inform the reservationist of any special needs your students, chaperones, or teachers have.

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