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Curated by Christine Golden

On view - August 2nd - September 27th 2019

Opening reception: Friday, August 2nd

“In Sight” is an exhibition about the internal human landscape. Each participating artist showcases their own distinct ideas of what the psychological aspect means to them.

Exhibiting Artists:

 Mary Jo Bole, Lars Calmar, Jennifer Ling Datchuk, Christine Golden, Jennifer Holt, Doug Jeck, Ryan W Kelly, Lauren Mayer,

Ryan Matthew Mitchell,  Keith Simpson, Kim Tucker & Christina West.

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Interactive sculptures by Liz Nurenberg

On view August 2nd - September 27th

Opening Reception: Friday, August 2nd

Liz Nurenber’s research and practice focuses on touch and relationships. She creates objects that explore themes of intimacy, awkwardness, and personal space by facilitating physical interactions. Participants can use or inhabit the pieces, making their bodies integral to the sculptural outcome.

For this installation, inspiration was taken from the landscape and the history of Helena’s Last Chance Gulch. The serendipity of gold being discovered after a last chance stroke of luck, infuses the town with wonder. Her work strives to use both wonder and chance to create new possibilities between participants, as well as between the objects that connect them.